The business of trading is often overlooked by retail traders as they  focus on the more exciting, glamorous aspects of trading. The race towards making money, becoming better at entries, and using the latest indicators & gadgets supersedes everything else. This foolish approach has caused many traders to fail, even though they may have had a talent for placing orders and/or recognizing market direction.  That’s the easiest part! The truth is, professional traders focus on the business of trading before anything else. Are you ready to join their ranks?

In his course: The Business of Trading, Chima breaks down all three phases of the business of trading:  1) risk/money management; 2) trade management; and 3) how to create a winning trading plan.  Learning the intricacies of these phases  preps you with vital tools towards success in your trading career.  Learn how much to risk on each trade, how to select the right trades, and how to manage multiple entries.  You’ll walk away with a completed trading plan in-hand!  Winning at trading is indeed possible… The Business of Trading trains you to think like, and trade like a true trading professional.  Chima’s two-day intensive webinar will teach you:

Risk + Money Management

  • How much to risk on every trade.
  • How to choose between the right and wrong stop loss.
  • How to correctly calculate and evaluate your win / loss percentage.
  • How to safely recover your “lost equity.”
  • The benefits of proper position sizing.
  • Which % loss rule is best for you and why.
  • What “Risk-of-Ruin” is, and why it matters.
  • Risk:Reward — What does it mean to me?
  • Fixed Dollar Risk vs. the Percentage Risk Model, which is better?
  • Drawdown: How much is too much?
  • Controlling your losses: How losing the right way can make your year!

Trade Management

  • Should I use stops? If so, how often?
  • How to effectively scale in and out of positions.
  • Now that I’m in a trade…. What do I do next?
  • The psychology behind trade size.
  • Trade “Mis” Management: Learning how to avoid a disaster.
  • Too many choices? Learn how to select the “right” trades.
  • Which trailing stop technique is the best for your style.
  • Averaging in/out: Which one is better, and which one to avoid.
  • When is the best time to move my stop to break even?
  • How to get the most out of each trade!
  • Market Noise: How to avoid getting caught.
  • Where should I take profit, and how can I be satisfied?

Trading Plan

  • Create a complete trading plan by the end of the course.
  • Which rules matter and which ones don’t.
  • How often should you revise your trading plan.
  • How to create a plan you can actually use.
  • Success: Establishing realistic and obtainable goals
  • Reduce stress and emotions through a series of checks and balances.
  • Putting it all together: Using Risk and Trade Management effectively.
  • How a trading plan makes a disciplined and profitable trader.
  • Trade Evaluations: How often you should do them.
  • How to use your plan to simplify your trading.
  • Decision making: Staying focused through market volatility.

Who is this course for?  All traders can benefit from learning these tactics.  Risk and Trade Management is beneficial to traders in every asset class.

  • Investors
  • Forex Traders
  • Bonds Traders
  • Metals Traders
  • Futures Traders
  • Stock Traders
  • Options Traders
  • Spreads Traders
  • Commodities Traders
  • Swing Traders
  • Beginning Traders
  • Advanced Traders