Finding your Edge is a never-ending quest for most traders, professional and retail alike.  One of the most important goals of all traders is to be successful.  However, statistics show that over 80% of all retail traders fail to consistently turn a profit.  Why is this?

Major trading firms, banks and hedge funds have access to mountains of information that the average trader does not have.  Buyers and producers of the commodities are involved directly with their crops and/or products and have firsthand knowledge of their supply and demand.  That only leaves the retail trader… what do they have? Without the recourses to pay a research staff and the direct access to production numbers, the answer is: very little at best.

The weekly Commitment of Trader (COT) data, when processed correctly, can pinpoint the movements of the major market player, widely know was the “Smart Money.”  This COT data is classified into three groups, commercial traders, large speculators and small speculators.  Understanding how these groups are positioning themselves and when they are doing so will assist you in determining major shifts in the market before they are well publicized.  Institutions can tell you what they want you to hear on TV, however through the COT data you can see their movements before their announcements.  In this course, you will learn to spot the major market plays as they develop.  More importantly, you will learn how to apply that to your trading.  When you begin to limit the unknowns, you are well on your way to finding your edge!

Chima’s one-day COT Webinar will teach you:

  • Where Chima goes to find his weekly COT data and how he uses it in his trading.
  • How to translate COT data to trade in ALL markets! (FOREX, futures, stocks and ETF’s)
  • To effectively interpret weekly COT data to anticipate market direction.
  • How COT data plays a role in most major market reversals.
  • Which major trading group you should follow and why?
  • The importance of market sentiment and how it drives price action.
  • To follow the “Smart money,” trade what they “do” — not what they “say.”
  • To combine technical analysis and the COT weekly report to trade with confidence.
  • The value of COT data when adding Gold and Silver to your portfolio.
  • How to convert COT data to trade FOREX cross pairs and not just the “majors.”
  • That understanding COT data will an greatly enhance your ETF trading strategy.
  • How to maximize oil crack spreads and soybean crush spreads with COT data.

Who is this course for?  All traders that focus on trend-trading and major market reversals. COT data is beneficial to traders in every asset class.

  • Investors
  • Forex Traders
  • Bonds Traders
  • Metals Traders
  • Futures Traders
  • Stock Traders
  • Options Traders
  • Spreads Traders
  • Commodities Traders
  • Swing Traders
  • Beginning Traders
  • Advanced Traders


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